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We have a variety of gift boxes available for purchase. 

Descriptions of each are listed below. If you are looking for a custom made box please contact us. 

  1.  Maple leaf of syrup, maple candy and maple coffee k-cups $30
  2. Maple syrup and pancake mix $25
  3. Maple syrup, Maple coffee and maple candies $28

  4. Maple tin syrup, pancake mix, maple candies, maple drops and maple coated peanuts $30

  5. Gingerbread man bottle syrup, maple coated peanuts, pancake mix, maple candies and maple drops $30

  6. Maple leaf syrup, maple coated dog biscuits, maple coated peanuts, maple peanut brittle, maple sugar and maple candies $30

  7. Maple popcorn, maple cotton candy, maple peanut brittle, maple sugar, maple drops, maple candies and maple coated peanut $32

  8. Maple leaf syrup, maple coated popcorn, maple coated peanuts, maple candies, maple sugar, maple drops, pancake mix and maple coated dog biscuits $30

Gift Boxes

SKU: 0006
  • Contact us for shipping options

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